What Is Speed Bingo?

An intriguing variation of online bingo, speed bingo is quickly growing in popularity among a diverse group of players. Before you try your luck at speed bingo, take the time to decide if it's the right variation for you.

How it Works

Standard bingo games are rather fast-paced, but speed bingo brings an entirely new meaning to the word quick. Rather than a few seconds of hesitation between each number that is called, the numbers in speed bingo are drawn each and every second. In most cases, the round is completed in well under a minute. Often, it's over within 30 seconds or less.

The Advantages of Speed Bingo

The ability to play a bingo card in such a short amount of time is appealing to many people. Bingo fans that don't normally have time for a quick round during the say can squeeze in speed bingo anytime. This variation is ideal for players who enjoy a challenge, as well as for more advanced bingo players.

The Disadvantages

Speed bingo isn't for everyone, however. Because of its extremely fast pace, individuals who have trouble keeping up with a standard bingo game will probably not fare too well at speed bingo. You will need fast reflexes and the ability to pay close attention with no distractions if you hope to win at this creative twist on classic bingo.

Whether you want to play a fast bingo card on your lunch break, or just want a little extra challenge, speed bingo is a fun and exciting game that only takes seconds to play.